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UI/UX and Marketing Strategy consultation on redesigning a AI based personal health application that would support both B2B and B2C verticals. Responsive web application based on .NET frameworks and hosted at MS Azure.

Starting Position

The existing mPact/TotalTrainer application had been developed into a complex application designed for end users but required input from coaches and personal trainers as part of the process. The application had the main elements required to drastically improve personal health through defined nutritional meal compositions and exercise plans taking into account the users current health, body measurements and exercise performance. However, the application was clumsy to use and required a lot of input and a steep learning curve for the user to really get the most out of the application.



The brief was to eliminate the need for coaches and trainers, simplify user on boarding, simplify daily tasks and provide more intelligent and easier to understand feedback to the user, based on the choices they make throughout the day regarding nutrition and exercise. In addition the UI/UX needed to be modernized to provide a better experience for users. In addition the product was being remarked under new names of Key2Me powered by AIME (Artificial Intelligence Metabolic Engine), with plans for white label options and customized branding. Along the way I also developed a food matching score algorithm based on macro nutrient requirements versus food selections. The higher the match score % the better the food item fit within your meal allowances. 

Product Process

  • Thorough review of existing product.

  • Implementation of JIRA and Confluence to manage product requirements, and development sprints and processes. 

  • Developed user personas to help drive the use case development and analysis as well as feed marketing branding, messaging and control sheets. 

  • Divided project up into phases, based on functional areas, onboarding, nutrition, exercise, metrics.

  • Built out initial use cases and product requirements and prioritized roadmap

  • Built initial wireframes and UI flows.

  • Developed full UI mockups for desktop and mobile, including iterative improvements based on management and user feedback.

  • Organized JIRA tickets into sprits for development team.

Marketing Process

  • Worked with management team to capture brand messaging.

  • Designed buyer journey. 

  • Developed investor deck based on strategy, product roadmap and general market positioning.

  • Built new website based on marketing messages, including videos, images and explainers.

  • Attended investor meetings as the representative for product and development.


Released an initial MVP product with much simpler user flows to a beta group and tracked feedback from the group as it guided release 1 candidate which incorporated the new workflows, based on current UI/UX. Based on the feedback from the beta group, which on the whole was very good the workflows were slightly adjusted. Upon completion of the beta the finalized workflows were then applied to the UI/UX re-design to further optimize the display of information and make the actions available to the user much clearer. In essence the desire was to provide real-time feedback to the user about nutritional and fitness choices they were making, but not preclude them from making poor choices but guide them as to why it was a poor choice. The flip side was to provide rewards and encouragement when AIME's guidance was followed. After several UI/UX iterations the design was approved and moved over to development team for implementation. The first release of Key2Me was launched with a pilot and the next several releases saw the completion of the initial roadmap. 

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