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Redesign an aging Java application from the ground up. Modernize the architecture and create a modern responsive design web application with additional functionality and capable of interfacing with multiple underlying workforce management products. 

Starting Position

When I say dated legacy application I mean dated. This application had been around since the early 2000's and it looked like it. Poor user experience with hidden clicks and navigation pathways only a trained user could use.  Built on Java with a proprietary unsecured TCP/IP socket based protocol for communication back to the backend. Difficult to maintain, troubleshoot and incorporate new features quickly. Limited cross platform support and forget about mobile devices.



The concept was based on the strategic vision of creating one central, cross product dashboard, planning, and operational tool providing dispatchers, supervisors and management with a comprehensive, real-time view of their complete service landscape. This concept would replace the existing Gantt chart only available in one product with a complete view across both internal and external resources and make it easier of operational teams to collaborate and manage day to day. In addition eliminating old technical debt, modernizing architecture, improving security and providing a much more modern experience. 


  • Created a client based focus group of users and business leaders to understand current requirements and identify missing capabilities.

  • Conducted internal reviews with professional services team to identify deployment and implementation needs.

  • Took strategic vision and created requirements based on creating a responsive cross product tool, based on modern architecture.

  • Developed high level wireframes, architecture and cost analysis to executive team and board of directors. 

  • Created a full set of UI designs and walk throughs which were refined with input from the internal and external review teams. 

  • Iterated through development sprints for both the new RESTful API's and new Angular front-end UI. 


From concept to initial interactive prototype took about 4 months, and was immediately deployed throughout the pre-sales team for product demonstrations and feedback. The MVP version was made available 3 months later for a beta group of clients. 

The new responsive web application was an elegant solution and was very well received both internally and externally. The new visualizations allowed for many types of users to analyse data, and visualize the field service operation in real-time including new status work flows, maps and dashboards. 

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